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Being a Passenger in a Car Crash Doesn't Mean You're Helpless

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Most possibly, you would feel helpless right now. However, when you discuss your case with a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles, you would be able to realize that at the end of this road, hope is waiting for you. If you think it would be difficult to fight for your right when you are most of all, a passenger in a car accident, think again. You may not be behind the wheel, thus, you feel helpless that you couldn't take control. 

Who could possibly be responsible for the injuries you have incurred? 

Along with the injuries and damages resulting from the accident, even passengers are able to recover. In fact, some of them even recover faster than the driver or those taking the wheel. However, the question still remains. Whom should you file the settlement claim against with?

When Two Vehicles Collide. Who will be liable? 

You can ask any Los Angeles personal injury lawyer and he will reveal to you the truth. Being a passenger may cause you pain and suffering as you become hopeless. 

We all know that the person at fault should be responsible for the results from the accident. But when passengers file for a settlement claim, it's a different story. When two vehicles collide, both parties are expected to be liable for the passenger's injuries. You have read it right. This simply means, regardless whoever is at fault causing the accident to happen, the moment you would be working with your Los Angeles injury lawyer, both parties will take their responsibilities and let you recover (or if not, at least one of them should). 

Additionally, both drivers or at least one of them may take care of the injuries you have incurred, this doesn't mean that the person at fault should be determined. Both parties will still go through the process and bring to an end, knowing who would be paying who. Again, your case is distinctive from the other. 

Meanwhile, in some cases, you may not be able to fully recover, so as there are states that only allow you to recover the amount the person at fault is liable with. On the other hand, you will be able to recover the entire amount of injuries and damages from the individual party found at fault. 
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Who else can take the responsibility? 

You have to keep in mind that each case are distinctive from the other. And so do accidents. You could not just only consider both drivers to be liable for the incident. There are times when passengers can also file a settlement claim against the car owner (who is involved in the crash). There are times where the manufacturers of the vehicles can take the responsibility of whatever injuries and damages resulting from the accident including the passenger's. There are times where you can file for a claim against the government agency. Los Angeles personal injury lawyers must be able to direct your path. It all depends on the circumstances and your case. 

This isn't the time to despair, yet. Passengers can work with their lawyers and fight for their right and recover from the accident. 

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