Friday, November 21, 2014

What are the worst driving habits that could lead to a car accident?


Drivers must be more cautiously since winter brought snow and ice in many parts of the country. If drivers won't change or eliminate their bad driving habits it might place them at fault for an accident, potentially leading to liability for damages or injuries. Here are the five driving habits that can come back to haunt you in the event of a car accident or injury lawsuit:

1. Following too closely - When the road become wet or icy and following too much closely may not give you enough time or distance to stop. It may cause rear-end collision.
2. Excessive speed - Drivers should observe speed limits.
3. Obstructed windshield, headlights.
4. Not using chains or snow tires.
5. Driving under the influence.
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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Being a Passenger in a Car Crash Doesn't Mean You're Helpless

Man and Girl Argue inside the Car
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Most possibly, you would feel helpless right now. However, when you discuss your case with a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles, you would be able to realize that at the end of this road, hope is waiting for you. If you think it would be difficult to fight for your right when you are most of all, a passenger in a car accident, think again. You may not be behind the wheel, thus, you feel helpless that you couldn't take control. 

Who could possibly be responsible for the injuries you have incurred? 

Along with the injuries and damages resulting from the accident, even passengers are able to recover. In fact, some of them even recover faster than the driver or those taking the wheel. However, the question still remains. Whom should you file the settlement claim against with?
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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Perks Of Having An Auto Accident Lawyer

Auto Accident Lawyer
Car chases, races, or just a simple drive on the streets could end up in one disastrous accident. These situations do happen usually in everyone’s daily lives. Being involved in one is a serious matter. Surely you will need a car accident attorney in Los Angeles. This one will help you get through with your financial and economical damages in no time at all.

So why do you need one in the first place?

Well, auto accident attorneys do help you fix things which mattered to the damages of your car. You cannot just process the compensation all by yourself because it will take a long time doing it. Having an auto accident attorney will surely lessen your worries in a jiffy. They can process matters which are instantly legalized and authorized by the law. That answers the fact that they can handle things easy and fast with your auto accident dilemma.

An exclusive law firm can cater the compensation needs of every client they have at their website or office. With a great team of lawyers to settle the damages in your auto accident, these will leave you doing nothing at all and letting them do all the legal work which they are really good at. Such testimonies prove that you really need the service of these great lawyers whenever you get involved in a car accident.

Also, auto accident attorneys help you get educated and informed on how you claim your rights and dodge any unknown legal issues. An experienced car accident lawyer will do the trick in letting you through of all the physical, financial and economical damages. They never let you down and you don’t get to spend even just a single penny for their service or effort because believe it or not, they front all costs.

As for filing your claim for the suffering and pain, your lawyer will help you process documents such as medical reports, medical bills, proof of lost wages and photos of injuries. This will come easy if your lawyer is an experienced one and has knowledge about settling these physical damages. One would probably appeal to you if he had a wide range of idea and understanding about Personal Injury Law. With this knowledge instilled in your lawyer’s head, you can guarantee the fast-paced process of your physical and any other legal settlements. You can be confident that your lawyer will provide you with any protection and also look out for you up until you are compensated properly.

So there, you know already the perks of getting a nice and experienced lawyer whenever you get get involved an auto accident. They don’t just settle your legal matters, they also make you knowledgeable of how you should deal with the auto damages. So with these great people around, all you have to worry about after being in a car accident would be just a broken ankle and nothing more aside from picking up an auto accident lawyer of your choice.
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Sunday, June 22, 2014

It's More Than Just A Broken Ankle

Personal Injury Case
You may think that once you hire an accident attorney in Los Angeles, everything would turn out right. You may be able to wake up from a nightmare, yet you have to realize that you still have to work with your lawyer to come up with a settlement agreement. Perhaps, the amount of compensation you collected to recover from your broken ankle is not enough. The pain and suffering you have experienced are also part of the results from the accident. Will you be able to file for a claim?

Pain and Suffering – Its Definition

Any car accident lawyer would understand that it is an overwhelming experience when you meet an accident. The stress and the emotional pain resulting from the accident is immeasurable. On the other hand, as you work with an auto accident attorney, you can file for an insurance claim to recover not just from the physical stress, but from the emotional stress as well. In other words, this amount is apart from the medical expenses, lost wages, and other claim compensation calculated.

How much claim should you collect?

You have to keep in mind that even if you've one of the best car accident lawyer in Los Angeles, the amount of the claim to cover for the pain and suffering varies. There is no formula to calculate for the cost of how much pain and suffering you've experienced. Thus, this is known as 'general damages'. There some people who would multiply the entire cost or expenses from the medical bills with regard to the injuries resulting from the accident to twice or thrice, depending on the agreement. In fact, there are those who would multiply it even to as much as four times the total amount of medical expenses with regard to the injuries incurred from the accident.

Meanwhile, there are those who would follow on the daily formula. For instance, a broken ankle is incurred from the accident. Some people gauge their daily pain and the activities they are incapable with due to the injury. They would pin a compensation cost each day and multiply this result in the total number of days that you have been injured.

And there are people who would just estimate the cost of it.

Whatever method or formula you would use to calculate on the pain and suffering you have incurred, you and your Los Angeles car accident attorney would need to gather the following:

       - Car insurance company along with the proof and evidence behind your claim.

You may think it would sound simple, think again and look at the other documents you would need.
  • Medical reports
  • Over-the-counter medical receipts
  • Prescription receipts
  • Medical bills, not excluded to the X-rays, Emergency room visits, hospital check-up, therapy, ambulance cost, and more
  • Proof of lost wages
  • Photos of the injuries
Once you have all these documents, you can file for the pain and suffering claim.

Do you need a lawyer?

The decision will always be in your hands. Although you can file for a claim on your own, you may also hire a lawyer to defend and protect your rights. After all, proving the pain and suffering is abstract and you need an experienced attorney to work on your case.
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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Structured Settlement: Is It Fair?

Structured Settlement
Hiring a car accident lawyer doesn't end when you win your personal injury case. Don't celebrate just yet. If you think you have come to a fair settlement, think again. You may want to ask yourself whether or not considering a structured settlement would be the way to let you recover from the damages and injuries you have incurred from the accident. Some victims find it helpful and some don't.

Now that we have an overview of what a trial is and how to go through it by working with your accident attorney, it's time to have a glimpse on what will happen after the trial. Collecting the money can be a daunting task. Your accident lawyer will still be with you until you collect the full amount for you to recover from losses resulting from the accident.

What is a structured settlement?

Perhaps, you may have a catastrophic-injury case. This kind of settlement can be an advantage for the plaintiff. Structured settlement refers to an agreement wherewith the plaintiff will be collecting regular payments from the defendant in a course of time. In some cases, the defendant has to provide the plaintiff the amount of money agreed for the rest of his life. Sometimes, this agreement can be complex. This is the reason you have to be working with your Los Angeles accident attorney. Remember, your goal is to recover from the accident.

The Benefits of a Structured Settlement

  • Keep in mind that the funds you collect from an annuity contract are tax-free so long as the victim does not control the compensation. In other words, it provides a substantial tax benefit for the plaintiff.
  • Oftentimes victims who collect a lump-sum settlement spend the entire amount within 5 years. Once they wouldn't have anything left, they become dependent on the support the government provides. Meanwhile, with a structured settlement, plaintiffs are normally provided with funds all throughout his disability. Your car accident lawyer should be able to educate with regard to this. 
  • This settlement is managed by professionals. This simply means they know how to tailor according to the plaintiff's needs to be met. 
  • Annuity Funds + Lump-Sum Payment = Expenses Recovered
Thereby, medical bills, rehabilitation and treatment costs are sure to be covered.
  • In some cases, structured settlement enables the plaintiff to consider an unanticipated advance medicine should there be a developed medical cure or treatment.

The Drawbacks of a Structured Settlement

  • No matter how Los Angeles car accident lawyers protect the plaintiffs' rights, victims remain in fear during the unknown changes in the economy. You will never know when the economy rises or the opposite and experience recession.
  • Sometimes, annuity funds do not have enough protection.
In conclusion, it is important to work with your personal injury attorney so you will be able to have a fair and agreeable settlement. A structured settlement may have more advantages than its cons. What is important is you are able to recover from the damages, injuries, and losses resulting from the accident.
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