Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Complete Analysis of a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Personal Injury Case
Whenever you are caught in accident caused by someone's negligent actions, it is always wise to contact an accident attorney so you will be directed on which way you would go in order to recover from any loss of damage resulting from the accident. Although accidents cannot be avoided but there are just incidents that happen because of being careless. Personal injury law is legally known as the tort law. This defines an incident causing another party to suffer due to someone's negligence. The victim may file a for a claim in order to be given the right amount of compensation to recover from the accident. The lawsuit covers the litigation process. There will be trials and court proceedings to complete the settlement. This is the reason a victim has to hire his own personal injury accident attorney so he will be well represented in the court. Also, these people know well their field that they are able to defend their clients and win the case so the victim will be rewarded.

Definition of Terms:

Before we start dissecting the entire lawsuit, let's understand the different terms that you may not know. These words will be used often during the process. Therefore, it is wise to understand each one of them.
  • plaintiff - this is the person involved in the accident who has been injured.  
  • defendant - this is the person or an entity accused causing the other party to suffer an injury or even death.
  • complaint - this is the pleading filed by the injured person to the court. This should explain how he/she has been injured from the accident.
  • response - on the other hand, the defendant may file an answer in response to the allegations he/she is being accused of.
Now, that we have understood these common terms being used during the litigation, you are ready to take a thorough study on the anatomy of the entire case proceedings.

Written Records and Documents

You may have seen several road accidents and wonder why people would always ask for written documents. These are the things a motor vehicle accident attorney will always look for from the plaintiff. Consider this legal evidences that will prove to the courts that the accident has been caused by the other party's negligence. Auto accident attorneys in Los Angeles are keen in looking for the right evidence of the accident. Perhaps, victims have to keep all medical and police records, not to mention the receipts and other expenses spent from the victim's own pocket to recover from the pain and suffering experienced.


Each side, the victim and the defendant are both allowed to take depositions. Thus, both should appear in court and testify under oath. A good car accident attorney should be able to represent his client and perhaps win the case. After all, the objective of filing for a settlement is to be given the compensation to cover on the expenses from the damage caused from the accident.

Trials and proceedings will follow until the case will be resolved.


  1. An knowledgeable lawyer is more likely to be acquainted with the particular laws regulating your situationaccident lawyer as well as the precedent that has been set in previous times by identical situations. This will convert into a greater chance of achievements in your situation